We were commissioned by BBC Worldwide to create a number of titles covering themes around history, art, literature, lifestyle and gardening. We worked closely under the stewardship of a commissioning editor and alongside picture researchers (when the budgets allowed for this valuable component) to gather together content and work through a design concept developed and agreed at the outset of each project. Designing books is a very specific skill and unless you are familiar with the conventions publishers follow then the resulting publication can be fast tracked to the remainder book shop. We designed covers and interior chapters and laid out the materials for each publication, often selecting paper stock. Having signed off the visual components and layout we then liaised with post-production and printers to ensure the delivery of each title for the launch date.

Projects featured in portfolio above

  • D-Day 6.6.44
  • The Private Life of a Masterpiece

  • Diarmuid Gavin’s Big Ideas
  • Battlefield Britain 

  • Pyramid
  • Dickens 

services provided 

  • Design concept
  • Sales blad production

  • Cover design
  • Layout of pages  

  • Picture research
  • Print coordination